Saturday, September 13, 2008

Peanut Shell on Sale!

I don't know if any of you have tried the Peanut Shell, but it is a great product to help you carry your baby or toddler (you can carry a child up to 36 pounds in this) Well if you have been looking to purchase one, but like me always look to find it on sale or at least get free shipping then look no further! has the Peanut Shell baby slings on sale and they are offering free shipping on them right now! (I almost ordered a new one last week from them and I'm glad I waited because the sale and free shipping is saving me 10-12 dollars on the one that I wanted...who knows the design that you are looking for may save you even more!) I'm not sure how long the sale is good for but if I were you I wouldn't wait!

Great website for saving mommy lots!

I found this great website that will save you all tons on just about anything! This site has links to free samples of baby, household, pets, grocery's you name it! It also has links to printable coupons and I think online coupons as well. It's worth spending a few minutes on to find a few money saving coupons before you head out the door to go shopping. The link is: